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Utility Transformer Connections

The transformer can be directly thrown into the transformer room by the car crane, or seting up a temporary track with the daewood, use a three-step and suspension chain to carry the transformer to the temporary track, and then use the chain to pull into the suitable position in the room.
When the transformer is in place, it should be noticed that its direction and distance away from the wall should be in line with the drawing with a permissible error to be ±25 mm. When the drawing is unmarked, the vertical position shall be in place as the track, and the transverse distance from the  wall shall not be less than 800 mm, and the distance from the gate shall not be less than 1000 mm.

The shell of power transformer should be reliably grounded. The working zero line and neutral grounding line should be laid separately, and the working zero line can not be buried underground. The place where the neutral grounding loop of the transformer closes to the transformer should be made detachable joint bolts.

The transformer with valve type arrester should meet the grounding requirements: the transformer neutral point, transformer shell and arrester should be connected to a common place to ground.

The grounding resistance should be ≤4 ohms. The zero line and ground line of the transformer shall be connected separately and shall not be together. The ground line of the transformer is next to the transformer base, and the zero line of the transformer is the N line of the low pressure pile.