Dry Powder Fire Extinguishing System for Oil Type Power Transformer

The dry powder fire extinguishing system (device) is fire extinguished with ABC type ammonium phosphate fire extinguishing agent. The main mechanism of fire extinguishing is chemical suppression. When the mist contacts the flame of flaming combustion, it can capture and consume combustion radicals, thereby stopping the chain reaction of combustion. Ordinary dry powder fire extinguishing agent has coarse particles and quick sedimentation, and is not suitable for full flooding. Therefore, it can only be extinguished by local application. The ultrafine dry powder fire extinguishing agent has a relatively small average particle size (particle size of 20 μm to 60 μm), and the fire extinguishing agent has a long suspension time in the air, and can extinguish the fire by bypassing the obstacle. Therefore, it is possible to use a full flooding method to extinguish the fire in the enclosed space, or to use a partial application method to extinguish the fire in the open space.

However, for the fire-proof protection of oil-immersed power transformers installed in outdoor open-air, since there is no closed space around the transformer, it can only be extinguished by local application. The fire extinguishing effect is greatly affected by meteorological conditions (such as wind, rain, etc.). From the existing engineering case, the designer generally chooses a pressure-saving ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishing device without a pipe network. The installation method is opposite to the parallel sides of the transformer (generally short side). There are many drawbacks to this type of fire extinguishing:

(1) The fire extinguishing of the device is triggered instantaneously, the duration of the spraying is very short, and the fire extinguishing effect is poor, especially for the re-ignition problem of the oil fire;

(2) It is difficult for the installer to accurately control the injection angle and coverage, and the possibility of the injection deviating from the target is greater;

(3) Ultra-fine dry powder is similar to gas, and is easily blown away by strong outdoor wind, which cannot guarantee the fire-extinging effect under adverse weather conditions;

(4) There will be residues after the dry powder fire extinguishing agent is sprayed, which will cause certain pollution to the transformer casing, cooling holes and electrodes;

(5) The device is installed outdoors, and it is subjected to wind, rain, sun and frost for a long time. The dry powder fire extinguishing agent is easily damp and agglomerated, and the starting device may also fail.

Therefore, no matter whether the ordinary dry powder or the ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishing device is used, the fire extinguishing operation effect on the outdoor open-air oil immersed power transformer is not satisfactory, and the fire safety guarantee for the oil immersed power transformer cannot be provided.

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