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Winding High Voltage Transformer

In a word, a transformer is a high voltage winding, composed of a copper core or an aluminum core, and a low voltage winding and a core, the high voltage winding is subjected to high pressure, and it has the insulation level under high pressure. Low voltage windings bear and output low voltage, and the principle of electromagnetic induction is known to all.

The transformer's high voltage windings are relative to the low-voltage windings, and the primary coils may be high voltage windings or low-voltage windings. Mainly look at the function of transformer. There are many layers of windings because no matter the high pressure area or the low pressure area is determined by the length of the winding conductor of the corresponding thickness, this is also an important factor in determining the volume of the transformer.

The input voltage is 10 kV, and the output voltage is 0.22/0.4 kv.
The input end is the high voltage winding, and the output end is the low voltage winding. An ultra high voltage transformer with an input voltage of 500 kV, its output voltage is 110 kV; The input end is the high voltage winding, and the output end is the low voltage winding. The input voltage is 220 V, the output voltage is 12 V, 6 V and so on. The input end is the high voltage winding and the output end is the low voltage winding.