Pole Mounted Transformer Connections

When Installing this transformer, remember the transformer should be at least 3M higher than the ground. Besides, the distance between the drop fuse and the ground should be over 4.5M, and the arrester and drop fuse should keep a distance of over 0.8M. The protective grounding must use more than 25 squares of stranded copper wire. Shared copper wires are prohibited in grounding.

Specific descriptions are:
How do you assemble a transformer on a 15-meter pole?

You can choose a ring with a diameter of 300mm, M20*100 and M20*350 screw, D200 channel steel to produce framework, and choose a 63*6 equal angle steel to make crossarm. The diameter of the installation position is determined at the scene, the root of which should be more than 2.5M. The equal diameter rod can be used to support the middle part.

Select the electric pole as follows:                                                            
1. A complete 15cc-15m dial diameter with the tailed diameter accounts for 1.25% of the length. 15*1.25=18.75+15=33.75 (head diameter of the rod)

2. To weld a 19cc-9m rod, with 1.25% tail length with a equal-diameter rod with a diameter of 30cc*. Use one one of them to connect the ground pile.

There are also many poles that can not install transformers, such as poles below 8 meters high (8 meters in not included). Because the pole should be buried 1.5-2.0 meters deep, the base of  the transformer should keep a safe distance of 2.5M. Besides, enough room should be guaranteed for the incoming lines.

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