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  • Power Distribution Transformer Oil Immersed Type Transformer SummaryThe performance of 35kV oil-immersed power transformer of the company conforms to or is superior to the requirements of GB1094 Power Transformers and GB/T6451 Specification and Technical Requir...
  • 10kv, 35kv Three Phase on Load Tap Changer Transformer 1. Brief DescriptionSZ11 series on-load-tap-changing oil-immersed transformer is an upgraded product developed based on S11 series oil-immersed transformer. The voltage fluctuation and load change of ...
  • The Basic Components of The Transformer Transformer components include the body of (core, the winding, insulation, lead), transformer oil, fuel tank and cooling devices, pressure devices, protective devices (moisture, safety airways, gas re...

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  • Application Of Single Phase TransformerApplication Of Single Phase TransformerDecember 13, 2017After the transformation of urban and rural power grid to a certain extent, the share of line loss will be greatly reduced, and the loss of distribution transformer will occupy the main position of ne...view
  • Double Wound Transformer ApplicationsDouble Wound Transformer ApplicationsDecember 13, 2017Double wound transformer is a common transformer product with main functions include voltage change, impedance transformation, isolation and voltage stabilization. The manufacturing process is differe...view
  • Application Of Core Type TransformerApplication Of Core Type TransformerDecember 13, 2017Core type transformer: the power transformer is divided into core structure and shell structure according to the structure of iron core, and the core of core structure is surrounded by winding. The st...view
  • Application Of Distribution TransformerApplication Of Distribution TransformerDecember 13, 2017According to the insulating medium, the distribution transformer can be divided into a transformer of oil, gas filled transformers and transformer of silicon. It can also be divided into sealed transf...view
  • Application Of Three Phase TransformerApplication Of Three Phase TransformerDecember 13, 2017The three-phase transformer is widely used in the circuit of AC 50 Hz to 60 Hz, voltage below 660 V. The construction of a new grounded middle line in the three-phase transformer can avoid the interfe...view
  • Distribution Transformer ApplicationDistribution Transformer ApplicationDecember 13, 2017After 1990s, the distribution transformer has had a breakthrough. The improvement of the performance of the transformer is not only due to the improvement of the material of the iron core silicon stee...view
  • Application Of Instrument TransformerApplication Of Instrument TransformerDecember 13, 2017The wiring of the instrument transformer shall comply with the connection principle: The first winding should be connected in series with the circuit under test while the second winding in series with...view
  • Application Of Step Down TransformerApplication Of Step Down TransformerDecember 13, 2017Step down Transformer is to refer to the input end of the higher voltage, converted to the output of a relatively low ideal voltage, so as to achieve the purpose of step-down transformers. The step do...view
  • Application Of Power TransformerApplication Of Power TransformerDecember 13, 2017Based on the safe operation of transformer and satisfying users with high-quality and reliable power, the application of power transformer makes full use of the equipment conditions of substations, se...view
  • Step Up Transformer ApplicationStep Up Transformer ApplicationDecember 13, 2017A transformer is a passive device, which does not provide energy, and its load capacity depends mainly on the driving power of the primary drive circuit. If the output resistance of the driving circui...view