Oil Filled Transformer Maintenance

Overhaul projects:

Removal of the hanging core or hanging cover for each accessory.

Maintenance of winding, lead devices and other equipment.

Maintenance of tap chargers.

Overhaul of iron core, core piercing screw, yoke beam, nail and ground piece.

Cleaning and maintenance of oil tank, casing, radiator, safe airway and expansion tank.

Testing of transformer equipment such as oil purifier, respirator, expansion tank capsule and releaser.

Inspections and maintenance of gas relay and thermometer.

Drying of the transformer when necessary.

Replacement of all seal pads and leaking test for components.

Inspections and cleaning for the air porcelain.

Oil treatment of transformers.

Regular inspections and test.

Minor repairs:

Clean the shells.

Check and eliminate defects that have been found.

Clean the casing and tighten the wiring bolts of each casing.

Inspect expansion tank and oil level gauge.

Check the respirator and oil purifier, and replace the silicone when necessary.

Repair the submersible pump and the cooling fan of coolers.

Check the connection of the joints, valves and seal pads.

Repair gas relay and thermometer.

Check and debug the voltage regulator, measuring device and control box.

Analyze samples, and adjust oil level of casings and the transformer.

Clean and paint oil tank as well as accessories.

Conduct measurement and test according to regulations.

Clean the air porcelain.

High-voltage test.

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