• Dry Type Transformer Protection Dry type transformer can use different shells depending on the environmental characteristics and protection requirements. The IP20 protective casing is usually used to prevent the entry of solid forei...
  • What Is the Organizational Structure of the Oil Type Transformer? The transformer, also called the converter, is to convert the high-voltage electricity produced by the power plant into the low-voltage electricity required by the electric appliance in the long-dista...
  • The Cause of Common Fires in Oil Type Transformers The oil type transformer has a large amount of insulating oil and a certain amount of combustibles such as cardboard, cotton yarn, cloth, and wood. These organic combustibles are prone to fire and exp...

Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd

Project Instroduction:

Zoomlion was founded in 1992, mainly engaged in the R & D and manufacturing of advanced technologies and equipment for national key infrastructure construction projects, including construction engineering, energy engineering, environment engineering and transportation engineering projects.

Product application:
We supplied the dry type power transformer, substation box and AC LV fixed type switchgear and other relative products for their parts of industrial park construction.

Jiang yin industrial park construction
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