Dry Type Transformer Testing Procedure

How to shift gears of the dry type transformer:

Operation steps:

1. Wear insulating boots and gloves.

2. Close the air circuit breaker of low-voltage power distribution cabinets step by step.

3. Disconnect the total air circuit breaker of 1# low-voltage cabinet.

4. Open the generator to ensure the power supply for key equipment.

5. Disconnect the high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker of the 3# high-voltage cabinet.

6. Use the handle to drag the vacuum circuit breaker to the disconnected position.

7. Disconnect the total high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker of the 1# high-voltage incoming cabinet.

8. Open the high-voltage ground switch of the 3# high-voltage cabinet.

9. Check whether the high-voltage testing machine is normal.

10. Make sure the high-voltage sides of the transformer are free of voltage.

11. Use open end wrench 17-19 to change the split position from (3---4) to (1---2), and tighten bolts.

12. Clean the dust in the transformer.

Restore power supply:

1. Disconnect the ground switch of 3# high-voltage cabinet.

2. Open the vacuum switch of 3# high-voltage cabinet.

3. Close the vacuum circuit breaker of 1# high-voltage incoming cabinet.

4. Close the vacuum circuit breaker of 3# high-voltage cabinet.

5. Make sure the voltage of low-voltage sides is 400 V

6. Close the main switch of low-voltage cabinet.

7. Close the switches of compressors, office buildings and other equipment to restore power supply.

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