Company Profile

Yuebian Electric Co.,Ltd, a large-sized high-tech modern national enterprise group integrating science, industry trade, has developed into one of the largest manufacturer specialized in producing power transformers

At present, Yuebian has fixed assets amounting to 0.3 billion yuan and the number of employees reaching 800 including over 100 technicians and over 30 senior technicians. Due to superior talent strategy, perfect quality assurance system, top technology and advanced management experience, Yuebian has always seized and first placed in comprehensive strength in the same line. In addition, “Yuebian” brand S9 Power Grid Reformation Recommended Catalog of the State Economy and Trade Commission by approval of national two ministries, and were approved by CCMQS in 2008.

Yuebian mainly produces power transformer and dry type transformers can reach 63000KVA, and the voltage grade can be up to 110KV. Its oil-immersed power transformers and dry type transformer fully conform to the standard GB/T-19001-2000IdtISO9001:2000, and were appraised and Zhejiang Famous Promotion Products in 2008. Meanwhile, in past years, Yuebian has provided first class products for national key projects like Hongqiao International Airport, Nanpu Bridge, Shanghai Underground, Qinshan Nuclear Power Station, and these products enjoyed high comment from electric power departments and customers. Furthermore, in 2008, Yuebian reached 1.2 billion yuan in sales amount and got the honorable title of “Top Taxpaying Enterprise in Zhejiang of 2008”.

Yuebian products have been insured by China United Property Insurance Company. In face of new century, Yuebian will continue to actively support the construction of national power grid, to keep perfect service system. While, Yuebian will go on striving for exploiting multi-direction development road, to generally realize market globalization and brand internationalization toward the target of globalization business conception. In accordance with the tenet of “Customer first, Quality first, Credit first” Yuebian is moving strongly and confidently forward, to struggle for the brilliant tomorrow of national electric power industry.

Enterprise management idea:
Quality from strength. Always adhere to the high-standard requirements and standardization of the management, continuous innovation, and sustainable development, the pursuit of excellence, keep improving, make the high quality, high-tech products.
Enterprise employing attitude:
Preceded the things, you will have to have the its device. Professional equipment, professional personnel, professional quality is the eternal theme!

Employees work attitude:
Keep improving, conscientious and meticulous. Do the most can trust, make the most reliable product!
Learn from the past, look to the future:
All the way rain, we harvest hope...
All the honor only represent the past, in the future, we will work harder!
Let the dignity of our quality write...
For many years, we in their own hard sweat
Obtained many authoritative attestation
From the vast number of consumers and colleague's identity
In the later in the process
We will make persistent efforts, create brilliant!

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