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Exclusive Service & Quality Products

Yuebian Electric Co.,Ltd, approved by ISO9001, is one of the largest distribution transformer manufacturer in China.
YUEBIAN mainly produces oil immersed transformers and dry type transformers, conform to the standard IEC60076, capacity can reach 5000KVA, and the voltage grade can be up to 33KV.
Due to superior talent strategy, perfect quality assurance system, top technology and advanced management experience, YUEBIAN has always seized and first placed in comprehensive strength in the same line.

  • Enterprise Purpose

    Honesty is gold, service is attentive
  • Enterprise Management

    Always adhere to the high-standard requirements and standardization of the management, continuous innovation, and sustainable development, the pursuit of excellence, keep improving, make the high quality, high-tech products.
  • Enterprise Employing

    Professional equipment, professional personnel, professional quality is the eternal theme!
  • Work Attitude

    Keep improving, conscientious and meticulous. Do the most can trust, make the most reliable product!
  • Enterprise Vision

    To become the preferred supplier of the industry.