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The Basic Components of a Transformer

The basic components of a transformer are as follows:

1. Oil breather (silicone tube): The silica gel is installed in it. The insulating oil in the oil conservator is connected with the atmosphere through an oil breather. Desiccant absorbs moisture and impurities in air to maintain good insulation performance of the transformer's internal winding. Discoloration and deterioration of silica gel are easy to cause a blockage.

2.  Oil level gauge: One of the basic components of a transformer, reflects the oil level state of the transformer, which is generally around + 20O. If the oil level is too high, it needs to be drained; if it is too low, it needs to be filled. In winter, when the temperature is low and the load is light, the oil level changes little, or the oil level drops slightly. In summer, when the load is heavy, the oil temperature rises, and the oil level rises slightly;

3. Conservator: Adjust the oil volume of the oil tank to prevent the transformer oil from over oxidation, and there is an oil filling hole on the upper part.

4. Explosion-proof pipe: To prevent the explosion hazard from pressure accumulation in the oil tank caused by a sudden accident. Generally, a transformer supplier will pay more attention to it to ensure the safety of a transformer.

5. Signal thermometer: Monitor the operating temperature of the transformer and send out signals.

6. Tap switch: The voltage ratio can be changed by changing the tap of high voltage winding and increasing or decreasing the number of winding turns.

7.  Gas signal relay: (gas relay) Light gas and heavy gas signal protection. The upper contact point is a light gas signal, and the lower contact point is the heavy gas signal. When the signal is sent out after the action, the circuit breaker will trip, drop, and alarm. When the gas relay cover is opened, there are two regulating rods on the top, and unscrewing one of them can release the gas in the relay. The other regulating rod is the test button of protection action. Insulating gloves must be worn and safety should be emphasized during live operation.

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