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The technological characteristics of the resin insulation dry type transformer

The resin insulation dry type transformer is suitable for high-rise buildings, commercial centers, airports, tunnels, chemical plants, nuclear power plants, ships, and other important or special environments and places. Its technical characteristics are as follows:

The iron core is made from high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel, with a 45-degree stepped full-oblique joint structure. The three-shear and two-punch technology of processing the iron core to achieve edges removal and traverse cutting and the technology of five-step steel cutting and iron folding are used to improve the magnetic flux distribution at the joints and reduce the vibration energy of the iron core. The iron core is also processed by the technology of curing as a whole and insulating resin sealing in the surface, which can effectively reduce the no-load loss, no-load flow, and noise of the iron core.

The high-voltage coil is made from high-quality insulated wire, and the coil with a large capacity is provided with a heat dissipation airway along the axial direction. The multilevel subsection cylindrical structure is adopted, which has a strong ability to withstand over-voltage and a very low partial discharge level. The coil is poured after vacuum drying, and the whole pouring and curing process is completed according to the pre-programmed technological process curve. The precise process control ensures that the coil has no pores and holes.

The low-voltage coil adopts the foil-type structure, and the foil-type coil does not have axial turns and axial winding helical angle, which effectively eliminates the axial force of the transformer during a short circuit, ensures that the current density in the coil can be freely adjusted along the axis according to the load distribution of the high-voltage coil, and reduces the radial force when the low-voltage short circuit suddenly occurs. The end of the wound coil is sealed and cured with resin to avoid the entry of various foreign matters and moisture.

The resin insulation dry type transformer of SC (B) 10kV series manufactured by YueBian Electric Co., Ltd can be integrated with low-voltage equipment, high-voltage equipment, transformer, and other components to better service the power stations and transformer substations. 

Its functions and energy-saving features have been widely recognized. Please contact us if you have any requirements.

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