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The Product Features of the Resin Insulation Dry Type Transformer

The resin insulation dry type transformers are suitable for indoor use and fire protection. The high and low voltage windings are sealed with resin, and thus they are protected from dust and corrosive air. The iron core is made from the cold rolled silicon. Iron plate. All products have been certified by the State Administration of Mechanical Industry and the State Electric Power Company, which are widely used in power grid, engineering, power grid construction and so on.


The internationally advanced design, production and testing equipment are adopted to make the resin insulation dry type transformer in accordance with strict technology, which has the advantages of high reliability and a long service life. According to different service environments, shells with different protection grades can be equipped on the transformer (or the shell will not be installed in some cases). This product is suitable for high-rise buildings, commercial centers, airports, tunnels, chemical plants, nuclear power plants, ships and other important or special environments and places. Its features are as follows:


1. The low-voltage coil is of foil-type winding structure, while the high-voltage coil is of "trapezoidal" stepped structure. The voltage from different levels is low, so that coils have a strong voltage bearing capacity;


2. Safety: Insulation and heat resistance are of grade F; fire prevention; no pollution; it can be directly run in the load center; flame retardant and explosion proofing;


3. Good performance: the whole coil is poured with resin; high mechanical strength, strong short-circuit resistance and small partial discharge;


4. The long service life: good thermal stability, high reliability and long service life;


5. Energy saving and environmental protection: low cost, slight noise and obvious energy saving effect;


6. Good moisture resistance, it is suitable for high humidity and other harsh operating environments;


7. Low cost: small size, light weight, and maintenance-free.


The resin insulation dry type transformer of SC (B) 10kV series manufactured by YueBian Electric Co., Ltd can be integrated with low-voltage equipment, high-voltage equipment, transformer and other components to better serve the power stations and transformer substations. Its functions and energy-saving features have been widely recognized. Please contact us if you have any requirement.

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