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What Should I Pay Attention to when Choosing a Suitable Oil-immersed Transformer?

Oil-immersed transformer is a very good and practical transformer, which plays a huge role in industrial production and construction, and is used in many fields and industries. Oil-immersed transformers are one of the most widely used transformer equipment in the power industry, and are generally installed in separate transformer rooms. However, when selecting oil-immersed transformers, not just one transformer can meet the needs of users, and it must be considered comprehensively. So, what is the point of attention in the selection of oil-immersed transformers? How to store oil-immersed transformers?

Ⅰ. How to save the oil-immersed transformer?

From the perspective of various performances of oil-immersed transformers, they are basically relatively stable, but the preservation of oil-immersed transformers is also a key point. Many customers have not properly kept oil-immersed transformers, resulting in machine damage and reduced functions. Therefore, it is said that preservation is very critical. Whether the storage environment of oil-immersed transformers is mild in nature will seriously affect the performance and efficiency. Oil-immersed transformers cannot be stored as soon as they are bought, nor can they be exposed to rain, let alone rust, which will lead to short circuits. Preserving the oil-immersed transformer is of great benefit for the future use and improvement of life.

Ⅱ. What should be paid attention to when choosing a suitable oil-immersed transformer?

Different operating environments have different requirements: under normal medium conditions, oil-immersed transformers or dry-type transformers can be selected, such as industrial and mining enterprises, independent or attached substations in agriculture, and independent substations in residential areas.

Consider the nature of the load: 1. When there are a large number of primary or secondary loads, two or more transformers should be installed. When any one of the transformers is disconnected, the capacity of the remaining transformers can meet the power consumption of the primary and secondary loads.

2. When the seasonal load capacity is large, special oil-immersed transformers should be installed. Such as the air-conditioning refrigerator load in large civil buildings, the electric heating load for heating, etc.

3. When the concentrated load is large, a special transformer should be installed. Such as large heating equipment, large X-ray machines, electric arc furnaces, etc.

4. When the lighting load is large or the power and lighting use a shared transformer, which seriously affects the lighting quality and lamp life, a special transformer for lighting can be installed. In general, power and lighting share a transformer.

Selection of electricity load and capacity: The capacity of the oil-immersed transformer should be combined with the facility capacity of various electrical equipment to obtain the calculated load (generally excluding fire load). The actual capacity after compensation is the basis for selecting the capacity and quantity of the transformer. The load rate of the general transformer is about 85%. This method is relatively simple and can be used for estimating capacity.

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