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Application Of Power Transformer

Based on the safe operation of transformer and satisfying users with high-quality and reliable power, the application of power transformer makes full use of the equipment conditions of substations, selects the operation mode of transformer preferably, reduces the energy loss of the transformers and increases the power factor of the power supply, realizing the target of energy reducing and energy saving and also the economic operation. The power supply load and the determination of the capacity and number of transformers are related to the economic operation mode, while the economic operation of transformer is closely related to the number and capacity of transformers in the substation and the performance and loss parameters of transformers themselves. It is a comprehensive economic and technical activity based on the premise of ensuring safety and reliable power supply, which affects the whole process of power transformer from design selection, operation and maintenance to decommissioning. The related factors and conditions should be taken into consideration in the construction of substations, national construction and the increasing capacity of transformers.