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  • 33KV Series Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer
  • 33kv dry type transformer

33KV Series Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer

Product Description of 33KV Series Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer

The 33kv dry type transformer is called an epoxy resin casting transformer and uses epoxy resin as an insulating material. The high and low voltage windings are made of copper strip (foil). The epoxy is cast and cured in a vacuum to form a high strength FRP structure. The insulation grade is F and H. Epoxy dry-type transformer has the characteristics of good electrical performance, strong anti-lightning capability, strong short-circuit resistance and light weight. A temperature display controller can be installed to display and control the operating temperature of the transformer windings to ensure the normal life of the transformer.
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Due to the different voltages in each country, our company can design and manufacture according to customer requirements.

Execution Standard: IEC 726, GB1094.11-2018

Specifications of 33KV Series Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer

1. Voltage Level: 30 to 38.5 kV;

2. Pressure Regulation Mode: no excitation voltage regulation or on-load voltage regulation;

3. Tap Range: ±5%, ±2X2.5% or ±3X2.5%;

4. Capacity Range: 50 to 3150 kVA;

5. Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz;

6. Single Phase, Three Phase;

7. The Junction Group Label: Yyno or Dyn11 (or according to user requirements);

8. Short-Circuit Impedance: in accordance with national standards or according to user requirements;

9. The Use of the Environment: relative humidity of 100%, the ambient temperature is not higher than 45°C (or according to user requirements);

10. Cooling Method: AN or AF;

11. Protection Level: IP00, IP20, IP23 (or according to user requirements);

12. Insulation Heat Resistance Grade: Class F, Class H;

13. Insulation Level: 20kV class product power frequency withstand voltage 50kV, impact withstand voltage 110kV

14. Rating Plate: YUEBIAN brand or Customer brand.


Features of 33KV Series Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer

•Safe, fireproof, non-polluting, can be directly operated at the load center;

•Adopting domestic advanced technology, high mechanical strength, strong resistance to short circuit, small partial discharge, good thermal stability, high reliability and long service life;

•Low loss, low noise, obvious energy saving effect, maintenance free;

•Good heat dissipation performance, strong overload capacity, and increased capacity operation when forced air cooling;

•Good moisture resistance, suitable for high humidity and other harsh environments;

•Dry-type transformers can be equipped with a complete temperature detection and protection system. The intelligent signal temperature control system can automatically detect and patrol the respective working temperatures of the three-phase windings, automatically start and stop the fan, and have alarm, trip and other function settings;

•Small size, light weight, less floor space and low installation cost.

•45° Full Oblique Step Seam Core

The core adopts imported high-magnetic high-quality grain oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, 45° full-slant stepping joint, special square tube drawing structure, the core column is banded with insulating tape; the surface is coated with special resin to prevent moisture Rust, effectively reducing no-load loss, no-load current and core noise.

•Multi-Layer Segmented Cylindrical High Voltage Coil

The high-voltage winding conductor is wound with a copper conductor of Class F insulation, and is made of a long and short cut glass fiber mat as a reinforcing filler, and is cast in an epoxy resin mixture under vacuum (1-3 mbar). The partial discharge phenomenon is effectively suppressed, and the partial discharge amount does not exceed 10 PC.

•Longitudinal Airway Foil Structure Low Voltage Coil

The low-voltage coil is made of high-quality foil conductor on the automatic foil winding machine, argon arc protection welding, high welding precision; pre-dip DMD as interlayer insulation, inner and outer pre-impregnated glass cloth as insulation, upper and lower ends sealed with epoxy resin, then the curing oven is solidified as a whole, and the moisture resistance is good;

•Rugged and Beautiful Protective Casing

IP20 prevents solids larger than 12mm in diameter from entering accidental impact. IP23 not only has the function of IP20, but also prevents the inflow of water droplets within 60° of the vertical line. It is suitable for outdoor installation and can be customized.

•Perfect Temperature Protection Control Device

The overheat protection device mainly realizes transformer temperature detection and control through a PT thermistor embedded in a low voltage coil. During the operation of the transformer, the three-phase winding temperature value is displayed on the tour; the temperature value of the hottest one-phase winding is displayed; the temperature alarm trips; the sound and light warning, the fan start; the fan overload protection and the computer interface.


Professional Service of 33KV Series Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer

Pre-Sales Service: provide design consulting service in accordance with customer requirements, and provide separate design scheme according to different customer markets to make products more competitive.

After Sales Service:

• We can provide on-site installation instructions, commissioning and after sales service. (Fee-for-service)

• You will get free lifelong technical advice from our highly qualified engineers. This will give you a lot of confidence when buying from our company.

• We guarantee the ongoing supply and preferential prices for spare and wearing parts.

• Our highly qualified team of service technicians are well equipped to keep your transformer operating at high efficience at all times.

Production Process of 33KV Series Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer

Specification of 33KV Series Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer

Technical Data of 33KV Series Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer

KVA     Voltage VECTOR Impedance voltage LOSSES (W) No-load Current
GROUP (%) (%)
HV LV No-load loss Load loss
(kV) (V)
50 30 380 Yyn0 6 500 1500 2.8
33 400 Dyn11
34.5 415 Yzn11
35 433
100 700 2200 2.4
160 880 2960 1.8
200 980 3500 1.8
250 1100 4000 1.6
315 1310 4750 1.6
400 1530 5700 1.4
500 1800 7000 1.4
630 2070 8100 1.2
800 2400 9600 1.2
1000 2700 11000 1
1250 3150 13400 0.9
1600 3600 16300 0.9
2000 4250 19200 0.9
2500 4950 23000 0.9
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