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The Power Transformers, Meeting the Needs of Equipment and Opening the Era of Technological Upgradin

The global penetration rate of electronic products has further increased. China's electronic transformer production has accounted for more than 20% of the global total. To further adapt to market demand, local manufacturers have stepped up the development of new products. Looking to the future, electronic transformers will develop in terms of high frequency, low power consumption, and chip type.

In recent years, in order to adapt to the market economy and supporting needs, China electrical power transformers industry has undergone major changes in its operating mechanism. Statistics from industry associations show that private enterprises have accounted for about 50% of the electronic transformer industry. At present, China electrical power transformers market is basically in a stable state. Since the electronic transformers are labor-intensive products, and Chinese labor costs are relatively low, and the industry has not been greatly impacted. Instead, exports have increased further.

The power transformers are one of the bulky and heavy accessories in electronic products. In order to meet the miniaturized development needs of electronic products, the market must promote the development of electronic transformer products in the direction of being light and thin. More importantly, with the changes of the whole engine performance, the market will definitely drive the development of electronic transformer products towards a new type transformer with high frequency, low loss, new surface mount and new materials and structures.

In our country, most of the productions produced by our electronic transformer products are the traditional products, which is still using silicone steel sheet, ferrite, enameled wire, plastic skeleton and so on as the main raw materials and components.

China electrical power transformers production now accounts for more than 20% of global output, and China has become a major supply base for the international market. With the increasingly fierce competition in the international market, in order to reduce the costs, it is bound to further promote the scale of transformer production and form economies of scale to adapt to more intense market competition.

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