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Maintenance and Precautions for Oil Immersed Type Transformer

Ⅰ. Maintenance methods of oil immersed type transformer

Disconnect the low-voltage side circuit breaker of the transformer to be maintained, pull down the isolating switch, and hang the corresponding nameplate on the handle.

Disconnect the load switch on the high-voltage side of the oil immersed type transformer, close the grounding knife after confirming that it is in the disconnected position, and complete the safety of the switch and hang the relevant identification plates.

Enter the oil immersed power transformer room, first use a high-voltage electroscope to confirm whether the transformer is in a power failure state, then pull the high-voltage isolating knife, and then check whether the shell, porcelain bottle and lead wire are deformed. If there is damage, replace it, and whether the oil level is It is normal. If there is oil leakage, replace the rubber pad and check whether the silica gel is effective. If there is discoloration or serious failure, it should be replaced immediately.

Check whether the peripheral lighting, heat dissipation, and dust removal equipment of the oil immersed type transformer is in good condition, and wipe off the dust on the transformer body and the porcelain bottle with a clean cloth.

Check the high-voltage side load switch of the oil immersed type transformer to ensure that the operation is flexible, the contact is good, and the transmission part is lubricated.

Ⅱ. Precautions for maintaining oil immersed type transformer

1. Ensure that the oil immersed type transformer is used in a non-corrosive environment. The ambient temperature should be within -30℃ to +40℃, and the wind speed should not exceed 350 m/s. If a high voltage load is installed on the high voltage side of the transformer Switch, the operator should short-circuit the three-phase on the transformer side, and make operation records at any time.

2. High-voltage operators of oil immersed power transformers should wear insulated shoes and insulated gloves.

3. Prevent the reverse transmission of power to the transformer and the discharge of power to the bus in the transformer's work.

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