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The Abnormal Sound of High Voltage Test Distribution Transformer

Distribution transformer is a kind of equipment commonly used in power plants in various tests. Abnormal sound is a common problem in various tests. Today, YueBian Electric will explain the abnormal sound analysis and processing of distribution transformers application!

First, the abnormal sound

In a running distribution transformer, the alternating magnetic flux causes the transformer core silicon steel sheet to vibrate and emit sound. In normal operation, the sound is clear and regular, but if the transformer load changes significantly or the operating state is abnormal, the sound will increase more than usual, with intermittent noise or rough sound. This is collectively referred to as an abnormal sound.

Second, the cause analysis and processing of abnormal sound

1. The sound is obviously increased, but it is relatively uniform. This abnormal sound is generally caused by excessive load.

It can be judged by measuring the load or touching the temperature of the housing. Find out the cause of the overload and reduce the overload beyond the allowable range. If it is a serious overload, the possibility of deterioration and damage of the distribution transformer should also be considered. Further testing should be carried out.

2. The distribution transformer has impact load, such as frequent start of large motor and intermittent operation of electric welder, which causes the sound to suddenly increase and decrease, and the change is irregular.

A clear judgment can be made by measuring the load, and no treatment is required as long as the allowable load standard is not exceeded and the allowable voltage fluctuation is not exceeded. If the allowable range is exceeded, the responsibility shall be clarified and disposed of. If the user equipment is approved for use, the power supply department should consider increasing the distribution capacity. If the user equipment is used without approval, the power supply department not only requires immediate suspension of use, but also imposes necessary penalties.

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