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What Problems Should Be Paid Attention to in Using Mine Transformer

We all know that mining transformers should be used in a standardized manner. Generally speaking, there are more problems to pay attention to when using it. Under normal circumstances, the use of mining transformers must master the operating steps and methods, and continue to improve, so that the mining transformers can continue to operate on a safe basis, thereby improving the efficiency. What problems should be paid attention to when using the mining transformers?

1. Before using, you must read the mining transformer's operation instructions and the instruction of the matching control box (set) in detail. Connect the wire according to the manual, and the ground wire should be well connected. 

2. The voltage of the mining transformer control box is AC 200V and 380V, which are output to its low-voltage input terminal through a voltage regulator. The output is continuously adjustable to the rated voltage after the variable ratio. 

3. Considering the safety of mining transformers and the rigor of high-voltage tests, it should be avoided to damage equipment or testing products.

4. When doing DC withstand voltage or leakage current test, we can first spin the high-voltage silicon stack, micro-ammeter, the high-voltage output of the high-voltage test mining transformer, then gradually boost the voltage to perform the DC test.

The above are the steps in operation and the use of standard mining transformers for reference. Follow the above steps scientifically to ensure the safe operation of mining transformers. For more information about mining transformers, please contact Yuebian Electric Co., Ltd.

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