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Introduction to S11 Oil-immersed Power Transformer

The coil of S11 oil-immersed power transformer is wound with high-quality oxygen free copper wire. The heat dissipation adopts new oil duct structure with reasonable design, and the insulation process is optimized, which improves the mechanical strength and short-circuit resistance. And the iron core of S11 oil-immersed power transformer is made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, three-step joint is used, and the surface is coated with curing paint to reduce the loss and noise. In addition, its appearance is beautiful and the operation is reliable.

This fully sealed power transformer cancels the oil conservator a uses the wing plate of corrugated oil tank body as the cooling element, and expands and shrinks with the increase or decrease of transformer oil, which insulates the interior of transformer from the atmosphere, prevents oil deterioration, insulation moisture and aging, enhancing the operation reliability.

The iron core of S11 oil immersed power transformer is made of high-quality cold rolled silicon steel sheet, which effectively improves the distribution of magnetic flux density in the core, reduces the noise and loss. The coil is made of high strength enameled wire (or paper wrapped wire) winding, cylindrical (or pie type) structure, with ampere-turns distribution, reasonable insulation structure and strong short circuit resistance.

The fasteners used in the oil tank adopt retaining nuts, which can ensure that they will not get loose during operation after long-distance transportation. After phosphating, the surface of oil tank is coated with three proofing paint (moisture-proof, mildew proof and salt fog proof). It is widely used in metallurgy, ore, petrochemical and other occasions with bad service environment.

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