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Step Up Transformer Connection

The step up transformer is the instantaneous start of the voltage transformer, and the set up transformer can start up with a high pressure  well. The difference is that the non-excitation regulating switch does not have the ability to carry the load shift gear, because this split-switch has a short-time disconnection during the conversion process. Disconnecting the load current can cause the contact between the arc to burn the switch or short circuit, so the transformer must be turned off when shift gear.

High frequency step up transformer adopts high frequency doubling rectifying circuit, PWM pulse width modulation technology and the latest power IGBT device. Besides, according to the theory of electromagnetic compatibility, it use a special process to make the DC generator be high quality and portable.

Dc set up transformer has many characteristics such as small volume, light weight, compact structure, complete function, strong universality,easy usage and so on.

Ac set up transformer is a device for transforming AC voltage, current and impedance. When there is alternating current in the primary coil , the core (or magnetic core) generates alternating current that inducts the voltage (or current) in the secondary coil.

Compared with oil transformer, dry type step up transformer has no problem of fire, explosion and pollution because of no oil. Therefore, electrical specifications and regulations do not require dry-type transformers to be placed in separate rooms.

The flux of the iron core of the low frequency transformer is related to the applied voltage. The excitation current in the current does not increase with the increase of the load.