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Three-phase Dry Type Power Transformers Provide More Ideas for Electrical Design

Because there is no oil in the dry type power transformer, there are no problems such as fire, explosion and pollution. Therefore, electrical specifications, procedures, etc. do not require dry type power transformers to be placed in separate rooms. Its losses and noise have dropped to a new level, and the conditions for transformers and low-voltage screens to be placed in the same distribution room have been created.

The dry type power transformer is the important equipment for the power system of the offshore oil platform. Its safe and reliable operation is the key to the operation of the power system. Dry type power transformers are prone to partial discharge and local overheating of insulation in a humid, salty, marine environment. The application of dry type power transformer online monitoring system can effectively realize the on-line monitoring of transformer status and ensure the stable operation of the offshore oil platform power system.

With the popularization and application of dry type power transformer, its manufacturing technology has also made considerable progress. It can be predicted that the future dry type power transformers will be further developed in the following aspects:

Energy-saving and low-noise: With in-depth study of new low-cost silicon steel sheets, foil winding structure, stepped iron core joints, environmental protection requirements, noise, and the introduction of new materials, processes and technologies such as computer optimization design, the dry type power transformer in the future is more energy-efficient and quieter.

High reliability: Improving product quality and reliability will be the unremitting pursuit of people.

Environmental protection characteristics certification: Based on the European standard HD464, the weather resistance (C0, C1, C2), environmental resistance (E0, E1, E2) and fire resistance (F0, F1, F2) characteristics of dry type power transformer are researched and certified.

Large capacity: Dry type power transformer mainly from 50 to 2500kVA distribution transformers is expanded to 10000~20000kVA/35kV power transformer. As the city's electricity load continues to increase, the urban network substation is increasingly deeper into the city center, residential areas, large factories and mines and other load centers. The 35kV large-capacity community center power transformer will be widely used.

Multi-functional combination: Single transformer is developed for multi-functional combined transformers with air-cooled, protective casing, temperature computer interface, zero-sequence transformer, power metering, enclosed busbar and side outlet. It can be predicted that the 21st century distribution transformer will be a resin-insulated dry-type transformer with superior performance, low noise and energy saving.

The above is the information of the three-phase dry-type transformer provided by YueBian. For other related information, please pay attention to the official website of YueBian.

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