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Transformer Winding

  • Power Transformer WindingPower Transformer WindingDecember 13, 2017The power transformer is a static electrical device, which is used to transform a numerical value of alternating voltage (current) into other voltage (current) with same frequency or several voltage (...view
  • Three Phase Transformer WindingThree Phase Transformer WindingDecember 13, 2017The most commonly used in the power system is the three phase transformer winding. It is more economic, less area, more convenient for maintenance and management to use a three phase transformer windi...view
  • Stabilizer Transformer WindingStabilizer Transformer WindingDecember 13, 2017The stabilizer transformer is an AC regulator made of the magnetic separation structure based on the principle of ferromagnetic resonance. Generally, it is believed that the stabilizer transformer is ...view
  • Step Up Transformer WindingStep Up Transformer WindingDecember 13, 2017Any power transformer can have a set up or step-down structure, but there is a difference in the structure between the three winding transformer and the two winding transformer.In set up transformers,...view
  • Winding High Voltage TransformerWinding High Voltage TransformerDecember 13, 2017In a word, a transformer is a high voltage winding, composed of a copper core or an aluminum core, and a low voltage winding and a core, the high voltage winding is subjected to high pressure, and it ...view
  • Electrical Transformer WindingElectrical Transformer WindingDecember 13, 2017There must be some insulative gap and heat dissipation channel (oil passage) between high voltage winding and low voltage winding, and between low voltage winding and core column, and insulated with c...view
  • Step Down Transformer WindingStep Down Transformer WindingDecember 13, 2017The winding of the transformer is actually coil. A winding has two threads. It can also be used to make taps in the middle of the winding terminal, and the center tap is connected to the center of the...view