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The Performance Feature of the Oil Immersed Power Transformer

The low-voltage winding of the oi immersed power transformer generally adopts the cylindrical structure of copper foil winding with the exception of using copper wire for those with a small capacity. High-voltage winding adopts multi-layer cylindrical structure, so that the winding ampere-turns have advantages of a balance distribution, small magnetic flux leakage, high mechanical strength, and strong ability of anti-short circuit. Its performance features are as follows:

a. The iron core and winding are fastened respectively. The high part of the device,the low-voltage lead and other fastened parts are equipped with self-locking anti-release nuts. Adopting the structure of not hanging the heart, it can withstand the jolts during transportation.

b. The coil and iron core are processed by vacuum drying, and the transformer oil adopts the technology of vacuum oil filter and injection to minimize the moisture inside the oil immersed power transformer.

c. The oil tank adopts the corrugated sheet, which has the respiratory function to compensate the volume change of oil caused by temperature change. Therefore, there is no oil storage tank in this product, which obviously reduces the height of the transformer.

d. As corrugated sheets have replaced the oil storage tank, the transformer oil is isolated from the outside world, thus effectively preventing the entry of oxygen and water, which may result in the degradation of insulation performance.

e. According to the above four points, the oil immersed power transformer does not need to change oil in the normal operation, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost and extends the service life of the transformer.

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