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Maintenance of Dry-type Transformers

In the application process of dry-type transformers, some problems such as failures are inevitable. Therefore, for dry-type transformers, the basic methods and methods for improving the protection and maintenance of various dry-type transformers are continuously carried out. For the universal protection of dry-type transformers, it is necessary to continuously improve the basic process of protection and maintenance, and it is necessary to maintain dry-type transformer protection. So what are the basic methods for the protection and maintenance of dry-type transformers?

1. The method of dry-type transformer maintenance

When the dry-type transformer is repaired, check whether the equipotential connection of the dry-type transformer is good, whether the wire joint is corroded, and whether it is often removed and replaced for corrosion; tighten the lead connectors, pins, equipotential bonding screws and connecting busbar screws.  When the dry-type transformer is repaired, the dust around the transformer and accessories must be cleaned, and the fire-fighting equipment and exhaust system must be checked for good quality. There is no problem with the cooling fan, whether the temperature controller is faulty, disconnect the equipotential connection knob on the high-voltage side, lock the high-voltage switch throttle, and use a 2500V vibrator to measure the insulation resistance. Compared with the measured value of the original dry-type transformer, the insulation resistance should not be less than 70% of the original record at the original factory. If it does not meet the regulations, it should be reported first, and the equipotential connection knob on the high-voltage side should be turned off again to charge the dry-type transformer battery. There are no props left in the transformer room and dry-type transformer, and the electric welder staff will explain the dry-type transformer protection test operation in detail.

2. The maintenance of dry-type transformers

For the maintenance of dry-type transformers, first clean the porcelain bushings and casings, and then check whether the casings, gaskets, and porcelain casings are cracked, discharge marks or rubber pads are aged, and whether cables and busbars are deformed. Replace.

In the maintenance of dry-type transformers, it is also necessary to check whether the contact surface of the busbar is kept clean. The contact surface should be removed from the oxide layer and coated with power compound grease. Check whether the grounding of the transformer is good and whether the grounding wire is corroded. If the corrosion is serious, it should be replaced. Tighten the lead terminals, pins, ground screws, and busbar screws. If they are loose, remove the screws, or use a fine flat file to lightly file the contact surface, or replace the spring washers and screws until the contact is good.

The dry-type transformer maintenance needs to clean the dust around the transformers and accessories, and check whether the fire-fighting facilities and ventilation systems are in good condition. Check the transformer room and transformer for leftover tools, and evacuate the site. Make detailed maintenance and test run records of dry-type transformers.

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