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The Features Of The Amorphous Alloy Dry Type Transformer

The amorphous alloy dry type transformer is another kind of energy-saving transformer made from a new type of permeability magnetic material, the amorphous alloy. The transformer has an over 70% lower no-load loss and around 80% less no-load current than those transformers with the silicon steel sheet as its iron core. As a distribution transformer with an ideal energy-saving performance, the amorphous alloy dry type transformer is especially suitable for the rural power grid and developing areas where the load rate is low.

The amorphous alloy dry type transformer has good economic and social benefits and is widely used in places such as airports, stations, urban power grids, high-rise buildings, and power plants. Its features are as following:

1. Adopting the amorphous alloy as the magnetic material is environment friendly and energy-saving.

2. Three-phase and five-pole structure is adopted. And compact and practical frame structure is adopted around the iron core as protection.

3. The technology of mirror pouring in vacuum pressure is taken to make its coils. And it gets a distinguished appearance and a strong ability to resist sudden short circuit.

4. It has advantages of small partial discharge, superior thermal stability, low noise, and strong overload capacity.

5. During its operating process, the product is maintenance-free and widely used in commercial buildings and load center areas.

Because of the formation of the amorphous alloy ribbon, the cross-section of the iron core is generally rectangular. So is the winding. In a magnetic yoke, there is a breaking point. The breaking point group of the winding is opened and followed by closing the breaking point. The three-phase and three-pole structure is adopted in its core. Because the amorphous alloy dry type transformer has the benefits of inflaming retarding, high reliability, and maintenance-free, it has a broad development prospect in the power distribution market.

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