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Types of Oil Immersed Transformers for Sale

The oil-immersed amorphous transformer is equipped as low coercive force, low loss, good temperature stability and strong protection for thunder and lighting.With the combination of advanced manufacturing process and equipment, it is remoted in communication, test, adjustment, and control by computer. All products are qualified by National Mechanical & Industrial Bureau and National Power Company. It is widely used in power network, projects, grid construction, etc.

Oil Immersed Transformer with OLTC

How Often Should Transformer Oil Be Changed

Generally speaking, there is no specific time for the replacement of transformer oil, and some can be used for more than 20 years. The change of transformer oil mainly depends on the state of the oil in operation.
According to the testing specifications for transformer oil, the transformer oil in operation must be tested for oil quality analysis every time a period of time has passed. According to the results of the testing and analysis or the operating status, consider whether the transformer oil needs to be replaced.

Procedure of Filling Oil in Transformer Tank

Transformer oil filling usually takes the following two methods;
1. Vacuum oil filling: According to the requirements of the factory manual. While keeping the oil tank with a certain degree of vacuum, slowly inject qualified transformer oil from the drain valve at the bottom of the oil tank (the vacuum degree will not be released during oil filling).
2. Conventional oil injection: Under atmospheric pressure, use an oil pump to inject qualified transformer oil into the oil tank.

Oil Type Transformer Safety

The basic protections used in oil filled transformers especially power transformers can be categorized in two parts i.e. Electrical Protection & mechanical Protection. Main electrical protections are Differential, REF, over flux and over load Protection while the Over current, Earth Fault & Distance Protection is used as backup protection. For oil filled transformers the mechanical protections which are discussed below are important:
1. Buchholz Relay
2. Sudden Pressure Relay
3. Winding Temperature & oil Temperature Alarm & trip.
4. Oil Level Alarm and Trip Arrangement.
5. PRD Alarm & Trip.
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