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Use Precautions and Heat Dissipation Treatment of Transformer Oil Immersed Types

Ⅰ. Heat dissipation measures for transformer oil immersed types

Transformer oil immersed types are one of the products sold in the market. The product has good performance during use. Because of the particularity of transformer oil immersed types, they require oil, great attention should be paid to the treatment of the oil tank of the product. The fuel tank it uses is made of steel plate, which can ensure the use of the fuel tank for a long time. Since the transformer oil immersed type will generate heat during operation, causing the temperature around the equipment to rise, it is necessary to control the temperature within a reasonable range. If it exceeds a certain temperature range, it will cause damage to the winding and iron core of the transformer, which will directly affect the operation of the entire equipment.

Generally temperature reduction devices are installed on the transformer oil immersed types to reduce the temperature of the device, if the temperature rises, the cooling device will circulate through the oil to gradually reduce the surrounding temperature within a reasonable range. At the same time, the cold air or balanced air can reduce the temperature around the transformer oil immersed type to a certain extent.

Many people do not know why the transformer oil immersed type generates heat, and why the heat will directly cause the equipment to be damaged and stop running if the heat exceeds a certain range. Because when the accessories in the  transformer oil immersed type are lost, they will be directly converted into heat energy, which will increase the temperature of the iron core and the winding itself, which will be directly distributed to the surrounding air. Therefore, it is necessary to take necessary cooling measures.

Ⅱ. Use precautions of transformer oil immersed types

The characteristics of the transformer oil immersed type are obvious, and it can realize the conversion between voltages. The height of the machine and the low-voltage leads and other fasteners are equipped with self-locking lock nuts, which are all made of high-quality materials. Transformer oil immersed type oil adopts vacuum oil filtration and oil injection process. The oil tank inside is made of corrugated board, which has a breathing function, which can reduce the height of the transformer, and can also effectively prevent the decrease of insulation performance from the entry of oxygen and mositure.

The characteristics of the entire transformer oil immersed type are more obvious. Since the corrugated board replaces the oil conservator, the transformer oil is isolated from the outside world, which effectively prevents the decrease of insulation performance from the entry of oxygen and mositure. This product has the advantages of safe and reliable use, sturdy structure and long service life. Especially when there are a large number of primary or secondary loads, it is advisable to install two or more transformers without worrying about the problem of large seasonal load capacity.

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