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Advantages and Disadvantages of Dry Type Distribution Transformer and Oil-immersed Transformer

In price, dry type distribution transformers are more expensive than oil immersed transformers. In terms of capacity, there are more large-capacity oil immersed transformers than dry type distribution transformers. Dry type distribution transformers shall be used in comprehensive buildings (basements, floors, roof, etc.) and crowded places. The oil-immersed transformer is used in independent substation. The box transformer is generally used in the box transformer.

Oil transformer is generally used for outdoor temporary electricity. In the construction, the selection is based on the size of the space. When the space is large, the oil immersed transformer can be selected. When the space is crowded, the dry transformer can be selected. The regional climate is humid and hot, easy to use oil. In the case of dry distribution transformers, forced air cooling equipment must be provided.

The oil immersed transformer is low cost and easy to maintain, but it is flammable and explosive. Dry type distribution transformers can be installed in the load center to reduce voltage loss and power loss due to their good fire resistance. But the dry type distribution transformer price is high, the volume is big, moisture-proof dustproof is bad, and the noise is big.

In terms of output and consumption, the current voltage grade of dry type distribution transformer is only 35kV, and the capacity is smaller than that of oil-immersed transformer, about 2500kVA. Because dry type distribution transformer manufacturing process is relatively the same voltage level with the capacity of the oil transformer to be complex, the cost is also high. So the amount of oil - immersed transformer or more. However, due to the environmental protection of dry type distribution transformer flame retardant, impact resistance and other advantages, and often used for indoor high demand power supply and distribution places, such as hotels, office buildings, high-rise buildings and so on.

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