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S13 Series Distribution Transformer Performance Characteristics

The development of oil immersed distribution transformers in China has gone through different stages. Since 1998, the country has eliminated S7 Series distribution transformers with high loss, promoted the development of new S9 series low loss distribution transformers that became the mainstream product in the 1990s. After five years, the promotion of high-efficiency transformer is one of the important measures to carry out power saving work. The market scale of S11 energy-saving products is growing, and it has gradually replaced S9 transformer. In 2007, S11 series accounted for 51% of the market share of 10 kV oil immersed distribution transformers, with an average annual increase of 33% in the past three years. In the current market, people buy S13 oil-immersed power transformer.

1. Performance characteristics of S13 series distribution transformers

The design standard of S13 series is higher. The loss of 23zh90 high conductivity grain oriented silicon steel sheet used to manufacture S13 series distribution transformer is lower and its performance is better. Its hysteresis loss and eddy current loss are significantly lower than that of S11 type common grain oriented silicon steel sheet. The no-load loss of S13 series transformer is about 30% lower than that of S11 series transformer, which represents the development trend of energy saving and consumption reduction of transformer in the future, and is an upgrade product that will replace S11 oil immersed transformer.

1) Iron core is one of the core components of the transformer. It is made of high-quality imported high-magnetic and cold-rolled grain-oriented high-quality silicon steel sheet 23ZH90, which guarantees the core quality and greatly reduces the no-load loss and noise of the transformer. The silicon steel sheet is subjected to 45° full oblique shearing on the transverse shear line, and the core column and the yoke joint are in a five-step laminated structure. Through these measures, the magnetic field distribution of the core is improved and the energy consumption is reduced.

2) The winding is wound with copper foil. The free distribution of operating current improves the balance of the ampoule. The axial short-circuit force of the transformer is small, which simplifies the winding pressing device and improves the short-circuit resistance of the transformer.

3) The transformer body is automatically dried by a pressure swing method in a hot oil circulating vacuum drying oven. The space temperature and time gradient distribution in the furnace is reasonable, and the body can be fully dried to ensure the insulation quality and prolong the service life of the product.

4) The fuel tank uses a corrugated fuel tank. The corrugated sheet is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet, and is formed by a transformer corrugated oil tank automatic production line at a time, and is protected by argon gas. It has the advantages of strong pressure, good elastic deformation, high heat dissipation coefficient and no leakage during operation.

5) Features: 1. It has obvious energy-saving effect: S13 is about 30% lower than the no-load loss of S11 type transformer, and the energy saving effect is remarkable. 2. The environmental protection effect is strong: the design magnetic flux density of S13 type transformer is smaller than that of S11, and the transformer noise is lower than S11, and its energy saving and environmental protection effect has been widely recognized. 3. Buying S13 oil immersed power transformer has low operating costs. 4 It runs stably and has high safety performance.

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