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YueBian Produces Dry Type Encapsulated Transformer with Fine Quality

The dry type encapsulated transformer can meet the ever-increasing technical, ecological, and economic requirements. It meets the conditions for use in ecologically sensitive areas and residential areas. In wind power stations, it can be protected from harsh environmental conditions such as oceanic climate, and in industrial applications, it can also withstand disturbing environment media.

Dry type encapsulated transformer requires less maintenance and can avoid oil aging caused by moisture and air, so the life cycle cost is less to cope with the increasingly fierce market competition. Its work efficiency mainly depends on the reliability and quality of the components used.

The windings of dry type encapsulated transformers are wound by enameled wire, glass-fiber covered wire or insulated wire, and the insulation class is B, F, or H. The dry type encapsulated transformer box consists of a high-quality steel plate and is equipped with several colling fans and temperature indicators. The structure fully considers air circulation and effectively prevents dripping and rodents from entering the interior. The wiring board and terminal are inside the dry type encapsulated transformer box, and the incoming cables can be easily connected to the wiring board through the stuffing box on the left or right side of the box.

The dry type encapsulated transformers adopt vacuum pressure dipping varnish to ensure adequate insulation and moisture-proof performance of all products and superior dielectric performance.

As a professional transformer manufacturer, YueBian also sells the dry type encapsulated transformers. International standards certify our products, and the quality is worth your trust!

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