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Dry Amorphous Alloy Distribution Transformer: Improve the Industrialization Capacity of Efficient Di

With the gradual adjustment of the worldwide industrial structure, increasing attention is paid to improving power supply and distribution systems' efficiency. The distribution transformer occupies a large proportion of the entire system, so the requirements for its loss, noise, and cost are increasingly higher. Therefore, some of the original products can no longer meet the market's needs, and they are gradually eliminated. The products S13 and S15 with lower loss have progressively become the mainstream choice in the market. 

The energy-saving distribution transformers, especially the dry amorphous alloy transformer, is not cheap. When the enterprises replace the transformer, it will have to invest a large amount of initial capital at one time. Still, the equipment's cost recovery period is too long, so it is difficult for customers to make the decision. The solution to high costs and prices is to continuously improve the industrialization capabilities of high-efficiency distribution transformation, including process optimization, material optimization, and productive efficiency. 

When it comes to technology and industrialization, the industrialization capability of dry-type amorphous alloy distribution transformers must be improved. Suppose we want to solve the shortage of key materials and necessary production technology in dry-type amorphous alloy distribution transformers. In that case, we must strengthen its energy-saving technology research, new technologies application research, new structures, and new materials. We must also focus on researching the applicable occasions and technical reliability of distribution transformers to enhance the continuous innovation capability of the distribution transformer industry.

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