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What is the Function of the Prefabricated Substation?

1. About the prefabricated substation

A substation is a place where voltage is changed. In order to transmit the electric energy from the power plant to a distant place, the voltage must be raised to become high-voltage electricity, and the voltage must be lowered as needed near the user. The work of raising and lowering the voltage is done by the substation. The main equipment of a substation are switches and transformers. According to different sizes, the small ones are called substations. Prefabricated substations are larger than substations. Substation: generally a step-down substation with a voltage level below 110KV; prefabricated substation : including "boost and step-down" substations of various voltage levels.

The prefabricated substation is a power facility in the power system that transforms voltage, receives and distributes electrical energy, controls the flow of power and adjusts the voltage. It connects the power grids at all levels of voltage through its transformers. The prefabricated substation is in a specific environment; it is the process of converting AC-DC-AC. Like submarine power cables and long-distance transmission. Some adopt the form of high-voltage direct current transmission and transformation. DC transmission overcomes the capacitive loss of AC transmission. Has energy saving effect.

Prefabricated substations are mainly high-voltage substations with medium voltage, or high-voltage substations with low-level high-voltage. From the perspective of power supply economy, the substation should be close to the load center. From the perspective of production, the substation should not hinder production and transportation in the factory, and the transportation of the equipment of the substation itself should also be convenient. From a safety point of view, substations should avoid flammable and explosive places. The substation should be located on the windward side of the unit. In the enterprise, it should not be located in a place where dust and fibers are easily deposited. Substations should not be located in crowded places. The site selection and construction of substations should also take into account the requirements of fire fighting, corrosion prevention, pollution prevention, waterproofing, rainproofing, snowproofing, shockproofing and preventing small animals from penetrating.

2. The role of prefabricated substations

The fabricated substation is a transition device connecting the power plant to the user. Since the power plant is very far from the city and the factory where the electricity is used, and the voltage emitted by the power plant is not high, the current is very large. If the current is large, a large amount of heat will be generated on the transmission line according to Joule's law, which will cause Causes damage to the transmission line, and the conversion of current into heat energy is also a loss, so the voltage of the power plant needs to be raised through the substation to 500,000 volts, and then transported long distances to the cities and factories where we live, and then through local assembly. The substation reduces the voltage and compiles it into our daily voltage of 220 volts through measures such as power distribution.

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