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Three Technical Parameters of Dry Type Transformer

Many people who understand dry type power transformers know that some star-coupling methods from transformer manufacturers can cause the neutral line, and the middle line is respectively represented by the high-voltage side or the low-voltage side. The potential phase of the reliable high-voltage side line (usually the main side) is the minute hand, and the potential phase of the low-voltage side line is clockwise, and the number it refers to represents the difference between the phase of the high-voltage side of the phase. The following is a detailed description of the main technical parameters of the transformer.

1. Rated voltage

The dry type power transformer refers to the rated voltage, that is, the specified voltage value of the insulating material used in the dielectric strength. The two rated voltages are the no-load of the transformer. The transformer manufacturer allows a large current to flow through the specified first winding while allowing the transformer to heat.

2. Rated capacity

This is the high power that the dry type transformer allows to transmit when it is operating. The rated capacity of a three-phase transformer is also the product of two rated voltages and rated current (this should be the sum of the three phases). The rated capacity is indicated by the letter s in voltammetry. The high voltage side of the transformer is a star connection method, the low voltage side is a delta connection method, and the phase difference of the high voltage side phase is clockwise and minute.

3. Joining group label

The coupling method of the three-phase winding is a star connection method and a delta connection method. In particular, a coupling method in which a high voltage winding is written on the left side and a low voltage winding coupling method are written on the right side. The high voltage winding is a star connection method and the low voltage winding is a triangular connection method. Remember the coupling method of this three-phase transformer. This number is called the "coupling group label" of the three-phase transformer by the transformer manufacturer.

In summary, when power transmission and transformation, a dry power transformer is usually used to increase the terminal voltage of the generator. For power transmission of a certain power, the voltage is higher, and the current is smaller, and the power loss on the transmission line is smaller. Since a small current of good faith can select a transmission line with a small cross-sectional area, a large amount of metal material can be saved. When using electricity, the transformer manufacturer's transformer will reduce the high pressure of the transmission line soil, ensuring personal safety and reducing the consumption of electrical insulation materials.

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