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Overhead Transformer Connections

1. The distance between the wire of distributing line and pole or framework: at least 0.3m per 10kV and 0.1m per 0.4kV.

2. The net distance between lead wire, downlead in each phase and the lead wire or downlead of next phase: at least 0.3m per 10kV and 0.1m per 0.4kV.

3. The lapping zone of distributing line's downlead and overhead insulated line should be connected in T type clamp or insulating parallel groove and covered in insulating materials. Besides, use waterproof tape and self-adhesive insulating tape, corresponding to the voltage classes, in the joint of insulating wine and insulating cover, so that it can be waterproofed and dust-free.

4. The ground downlead should connect with the middle points of low voltage sides and the corresponding shells. After that, earth it again with the ground resistance below 10 ohm. In case the needs can not be met, you need to add the length of vertical and horizontal grounding objects.

5. The mounting height of pole distribution transformers and switch boxes should not lower than 3m.

6. Under the premise of satisfying the requirement of phase, the drop-out fuse should be installed on the highway side.

7. Before installing equipment, the mounting hole size should be checked carefully. If it doesn't match the installation drawing, you should contact with the design unit in time to let the problem properly solved.