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Future of Box Substation: 10kV Small Intelligent Box Substation

In recent years, with the emergence of various emerging industries, the application of box-type substations have gradually become diverse and complex. Especially for the applications in unusual places such as CBD and underground garages for electric vehicles, higher requirements are put forward for the safety, reliability, and intelligence of box-type substations. 

To meet user requirements, box substation supplier must simultaneously improve the applicability of box type power substation, change our thinking, redesign and improve the overall structure of the existing box-type substations, and design the existing box-type substations into modular smart box-type substations. 

1. Advantages of 10kV modular intelligent box-type substation

As a new type of outdoor power distribution equipment, the 10kV modular intelligent box-type substation combines the advantages of various box-type substations on the market. There are also many advantages that other box-type substations do not have. The design of the product implements the spirit of humanism: maximizing safety and reliability, reducing the labor intensity of workers, simple operation and convenient construction; responding to the concept of low carbon and environment protection: energy saving, emission reduction, and consumption reduction; satisfying all needs what clients want: less investment, less land occupation, ensuring construction quality and shortening the construction period. 

2. 10kV modular intelligent box-type substation has broad prospects

There is a series of advantages in the 10 kV modular intelligent box-type substation such as small size, strong applicability, less space demand, modular design, anti-condensation, and high safety. In the future development process, modular box-type substations will also be applied more and more with their advantages of high quality, low price, modularization, etc., which will develop in a better future situation.

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