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Load Capacity of Three-phase Dry Type Power Transformer

The overload capability of the dry type power transformer is related to the ambient temperature, the insulation heat dissipation of the transformer, and the heating time. When selecting and calculating the transformer capacity, it can be appropriately reduced, taking into account the possibility of short-term impact and overload of some steel rolling, welding and other equipment. Try to use the strong overload capacity of dry type power transformer to reduce transformer capacity.

For some places with uneven load, the spare capacity or number of units can be reduced: in some places, the spare coefficient of the transformer is required to be high, which makes the transformer of the project optional and has a large number of units. The overload capability of a dry type power transformer can be compressed when considering its spare capacity. It can also be reduced when determining the number of spare units.

When the transformer is in overload operation, it is necessary to pay attention to monitoring its operating temperature: if the temperature rises to the upper limit, countermeasures should be taken to ensure safe power supply to the main load. When the fault is handled, the transformer that has been shut down should be put into operation immediately to restore the normal operation of the system.

The above is the three-phase dry type power transformer overload data provided by YueBian. For related information, please pay attention to the official website of YueBian.

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