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Classification Of Mining Transformers

Mining transformer, which is specially used as mine power supply, can be divided into two categories:  general mining transformer and flameproof mining transformer.

1. The general mining transformer

This kind of transformer is oil-immersed. Its internal structure and working principle are the same as an ordinary oil-immersed power transformer. The main difference lies in the enclosure and the devices of incoming and outgoing lines.

The general mining transformer has a strong structure and the vertical size is small. There is no oil conservator on the upper part of the transformer, and there is a proper space on the oil surface in the oil tank to prevent excessive pressure in the oil tank when the vent on the tank cover is blocked. The mechanical strength of the tank can withstand the pressure of 0.1 MPa without permanent deformation.

The high and low voltage incoming and outgoing lines of the mining transformer adopt a cable junction box, which is filled with insulating paste.

2. The flameproof mining transformer

It is used in places with explosion risk in mine. This kind of transformer is mostly made of dry type, and its main structural feature is that all joint surfaces of the box shell are made according to the requirements of explosion-proof, and can withstand an internal pressure of 0.8 MPa.

The dry type mining transformer usually has two types of capacities, 4 KVA and 2.5 KVA. It is designed to supply power for drill, lighting, signal, and other equipment. Its incoming and outgoing lines are led out by cable through outlet sleeve. The voltage of the primary side is 380 V and 660 V, while that of the secondary side is 133 v.

To adapt to tunnel transportation, the vertical size of the transformer should be small. Because of this, the diameter of the iron pillar can be larger, and cold-rolled silicon steel sheet is generally used.

YueBian Electric Co.,Ltd. can provide both types of the mining transformers, one is the KS9 6-10kv series distribution china oil-immersed transformer, which has the advantages of small no-load loss, small no-load current and low noise; the other is the KBSG9 series flameproof dry type mining transformer, which has the advantages of high strength, low temperature rise, good cooling and waterproof performance and easy maintenance. You can choose and buy the product according to your needs.

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