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Transformer Testing

  • Transformer Megger TestTransformer Megger TestDecember 13, 2017The megger has three terminal posts: one for "L", one for "E" and one for "G" (shield). L is connected to the wires, E is connected to the cable, and the "G" is attached to the insulated paper of the ...view
  • Three Phase Transformer TestingThree Phase Transformer TestingDecember 13, 2017The no-load test is designed to determine the variable ratio K of the three-phase transformer, the no-load current I0 and the no-load loss P0.The operation steps are as follows: the high voltage side ...view
  • Voltage Transformer TestingVoltage Transformer TestingDecember 13, 2017Insulation resistance testing.Requirements: to use 2500V megohmmeter. Compared with initial value and the values over the years, the winding insulation resistance should not change significantly and l...view
  • Transformer Resistance TestingTransformer Resistance TestingDecember 13, 2017How to operate the DC resistance tester:1.Power supplyThere are two kinds of power supply supplied by DC resistance tester: AC220V/DC12V. In the case of strong electromagnetic interference, it is advi...view
  • Dry Type Transformer Testing ProcedureDry Type Transformer Testing ProcedureDecember 13, 2017How to shift gears of the dry type transformer:Operation steps:1. Wear insulating boots and gloves.2. Close the air circuit breaker of low-voltage power distribution cabinets step by step.3. Disconnec...view
  • Electrical Transformer TestingElectrical Transformer TestingDecember 13, 2017Key points of electrical transformer testing:Rated Capacity (KVA): The capacity to be transported in continuous operation under rated current and rated voltage. Rated Voltage (KV):A o...view
  • Testing Low Voltage TransformerTesting Low Voltage TransformerDecember 13, 2017Insurance Resistance Test of Transformer Low Voltage SideThe digital insulation resistance tester is used to measure the insulation resistance of transformer, motor, cable, reactor, generator and othe...view
  • High Voltage Transformer Testing ProcedureHigh Voltage Transformer Testing ProcedureDecember 13, 2017Firstly, the insulation resistance and absorption ratio of the transformer winding are measured with a high voltage Megohm, and the DC resistance of the winding is measured by a DC resistance rapid te...view
  • Winding Resistance Test Of TransformerWinding Resistance Test Of TransformerDecember 13, 2017The measurement for the temperature of windingThe temperature in the channel between the high and low pressure winding passages which is measured by dry type transformer is seen as the temperature of ...view
  • Transformer Testing MethodsTransformer Testing MethodsDecember 13, 2017Different capacity transformers, different measurement methods, different voltage grades, different core structures and so on, their measurement time is different. If the single phase measurement is d...view
  • Distribution Transformer TestingDistribution Transformer TestingDecember 13, 2017view
  • Power Transformer TestingPower Transformer TestingDecember 13, 2017(1) Inspection of transformer power transmission before operationCheck whether all kinds of test documents are complete, whether the primary and secondary leads have the same phase and correct phase c...view