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Fire Safety Measures for the Oil Immersed Type Transformer

Special attention should be paid to fire safety measures for the oil-immersed type transformers.

1.The fire separation distance between the oil immersed type transformer with the oil content of more than 2500kg and the oil-filled electrical equipment with the oil content of 600kg to 2500kg shall not be less than 5 meters.

2. When the fire separation distance between two adjacent oil-immersed type transformers does not meet the requirement, a fire partition shall be installed or a water curtain also can be installed on the top of the fire partition.

3. When the distance between the outer wall of the workshop and the outer edge of the oil-immersed type transformer outside the house is less than what is ruled in the specification table, a firewall should be adopted in the outer wall, and the distance between the firewall and the outer edge of the transformer shall not be less than 0.8m.

4. When the outer wall of the workshop is within 5 meters from the outer edge of the oil-immersed type transformer, no doors, windows or holes shall be under the horizontal line with a height of the total thickness of the transformer plus 3 meters and inside the scope of adding 3 meters to its two edges respectively.The fire resistance time limit of the door and fixed windows on the firewall outside the scope shall not be less than 0.9h.

5. When the oil mass in an oil immersed type transformer or an oil-filled electrical equipment is more than 1000kg, the oil storage pit and public oil collecting pool shall be set up, and transformer pebbles shall be put in reserve for fire prevention and oil unloading.

6. The oil-immersed transformers shall be equipped with fixed water spray and other fire extinguishing systems in accordance with the current relevant regulations.

The oil-immersed type transformer for station service should be installed in a separate room,whose door should be a class B fire door that opens outwards and has a direct access to the outside or corridor. And the door should not open to other rooms.

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