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Problems Needing Attention in the Capacity Expansion of Oil-immersed Transformers

Oil-immersed transformers play an important role in many engineering constructions, especially in some power plants, large factories, and construction sites. Oil-immersed transformers can be seen everywhere. Oil-immersed transformers have been widely used due to their low cost and stable performance. But we still have some matters needing attention in the process of using oil-immersed transformers. What do we need to pay attention to when using oil-immersed transformers? The capacity expansion of oil-immersed transformers is an important feature of oil-immersed transformers. The capacity increase of oil-immersed transformers is to increase its capacity, but there are many problems that need to be paid attention to. Common oil-immersed transformers need to be increased in capacity. What are the issues to pay attention to?

1. What should be paid attention to when using oil-immersed transformers?

You will find that the characteristics of oil-immersed transformers are more obvious, which can realize the conversion between voltages. The height of the machine and the low-voltage leads and other fasteners are equipped with self-locking lock nuts, which are all made of high-quality materials. Transformer oil adopts vacuum oil filtration and oil injection process, and the oil tank inside is made of corrugated board, which has a breathing function, which can reduce the height of the transformer, and can also effectively prevent the entry of oxygen and moisture and cause the insulation performance to decline.

The characteristics of the entire oil-immersed transformer are relatively obvious. Because the corrugated board replaces the oil conservator, the transformer oil is isolated from the outside world, which effectively prevents the entry of oxygen and moisture and causes the insulation performance to decline. The product has the advantages of safe and reliable use, firm structure and long service life. and other advantages, especially when there are a large number of primary or secondary loads, two or more transformers should be installed without worrying about the problem of large seasonal load capacity. Under normal medium conditions, oil-immersed transformers or dry-type transformers can be used, especially in many large industrial and mining enterprises, as well as in high-end residential quarters. Transformers are also used in S8, S9, S10, SC(B)9, SC(B)10, etc.

2. Problems that need to be paid attention to when increasing the capacity of oil-immersed transformers

The power capacity increase fee for oil-immersed transformers is a common name for electricity supply (distribution) subsidy fees, which include power supply subsidy fees and distribution subsidy fees. Among them, the power supply subsidy fee refers to the construction cost of the external power supply project with a voltage level of more than 10 kV and its supporting facilities (the auxiliary production and living welfare facilities in the project budget) that the user should bear. Distribution subsidy fee refers to the external power supply project of 10 kV (including 6 kV) and below and its supporting construction costs that the user should bear. All projects constructed with special funds for subsidized fees shall be included in the capital construction or technological transformation measures plan. The project approval and plan management of the project shall be carried out in accordance with the approval authority of the capital construction management procedure or the technical transformation management procedure.

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