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Application Of Three Phase Transformer

Application of Three Phase Transformer

The three-phase transformer is widely used in the circuit of AC 50 Hz to 60 Hz, voltage below 660 V. The construction of a new grounded middle line in the three-phase transformer can avoid the interference of the power grid and other middle lines by converting the three-line delta connection to the four-wire Yo system.

Since the three-phase transformer can further exempt the high-frequency pulse interference and noise from the internal coupling of the transformer, it is generally used in precision machine tools. In addition, the three-phase transformer products are also widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, textile machinery, printing, packaging, petroleum chemical industry, schools, shopping malls, elevators, post and telecommunication, medical machinery, office equipment, test equipment, industrial automation equipment, household appliances, high-rise buildings, machine tools, the transmission and distribution of the tunnel and the imported equipment to ensure the normal voltage.

It is also suitable for low voltage distribution with low voltage and wide fluctuation. The application range of three-phase transformer is wide, because it has a high degree of isolation, high suppression of common-mode interference, good N-G performance, and customized design according to the special needs of users. That is why its usage is so widespread.

Types of Three-phase Transformers

Core Type

Three-phase core-type transformer is a type of three-phase transformer in which the primary and secondary windings are placed within one or all of the same core limbs, with each limb having two sets of windings. Each set, then, consists of three separate windings located in different reaches around the coil. The LV winding is wrapped around by HV wires and the HV winding is wrapped around by low voltage wires. The magnetic flux in these coils interact so that an AC voltage can be shared among them

Shell Type

Shell-type 3-phase transformers are three separate 1-phase transformers. Each of these three phases has its own magnetic field, which makes this type of transformer's core five-limbed. The high voltage and low voltage windings are around the three main limbs. The two outermost limbs serve as the flux return paths.

3 Phase Transformer Configurations

In three-phase electric power systems, the three phases connect to the same voltage source. They can be connected in either delta or star configuration. The star configuration has four terminals, which is a common neutral point in addition to the three phases. This is called a wye connection and is similar to the delta connection, which has three terminals and no neutral point.