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Dry Type Transformer Protection

Dry type transformer can use different shells depending on the environmental characteristics and protection requirements. The IP20 protective casing is usually used to prevent the entry of solid foreign objects larger than 12mm in diameter, providing a safety barrier for the live parts. It can prevent small animals (rats, snakes, cats, birds, etc.) from entering, causing malignant malfunctions such as short circuit power failure. If the transformer needs to be installed outdoors, the IP23 protective casing can be used. In addition to the above IP20 protection function, it can prevent water droplets from entering within 60° of the vertical line. However, the IP23 casing will reduce the cooling capacity of the transformer. When selecting, pay attention to the reduction of its operating capacity: the capacity is reduced by about 5%, and the capacity is reduced by about 10%.

The factory usually provides an aluminum alloy casing, which is beautiful and durable. The production plant can provide various protective grades and protective casings of various materials (such as aluminum alloy, steel plate, etc.) according to the actual needs of customers. If the transformer does not have the outer covering, it can usually be represented by IP00 protection.

In summary, when the old transformer is updated and the new type of transformer is selected in the design, if the energy-saving and low-noise dry type transformer can be selected, it can reduce noise, has no pollution, and has strong overload capability and high reliability. It is also possible to tap the potential of power saving.

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