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Oil Immersed Transformer with OLTC

The on-load regulating transformer applies new insulating structure and makes short-circuit resistance strong.The iron core is made up of cold-rolled silicon-steel plate.With the high technology,the product is advanced in low coercive force,low loss,good temperature stability and strong protection for thunder and lighting.Its social benefit is considerable that it will save much of electrical consumption and operating cost.All products are qualified by National Mechanical & Industrial Bureau and National Power Company. It is widely used in power network, projects,grid construction,etc.

Types Of Oil-immersed Amorphous Alloy Transformer for Sale

Operation Of Transformer On Load

The load operation of the transformer refers to the working condition of the original winding which is connected to the power supply voltage and the auxiliary winding is connected to the load. At the same time, the secondary side of the transformer also has current distribution. The access circuit of the original transformer will increase correspondingly compared with the no load, and the secondary side voltage will be affected by the load.

How To Choose Your Ideal Transformer On Load

1. be clear about what you are using it for, whether you are using it to step up or step down the voltage. Because there are many types of transformers depending on the use.
2. the number of phases of the power supply you are using, single phase or three phase.
3. the cooling method of the transformer according to the environment you are using it in.
4. the material of the coil, copper or aluminum, according to your actual usage and budget.
5. the choice of the transformer's rated parameters. This includes rated voltage, rated current and rated capacity.