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How Much Do You Know About 10kV Dry-type Electrical Transformers?

10kV dry-type electrical transformer is a kind of F-grade epoxy resin mixture with filler. After degassing by vacuum film, a thin layer is poured on the inner and outer surfaces, and placed on the high and low pressure coil reinforced by the glass wire forming net. It is a dry-type electrical transformer with high mechanical strength, electrical strength and heat resistance, which is also an excellent product of urban power grid transformation. It is especially suitable for urban power grid, high-rise building, business center, theater, hospital, hotel, tunnel, subway, underground power station, laboratory, station, wharf, airport, composite substation and other important places requiring flame retardant, explosion-proof and moisture-proof.

Product features:

1. Strong ability of anti-short circuit, low loss, small no-load current, strong impact resistance, low partial discharge, low noise and strong heat dissipation.

2. 10kv dry type electrical transformers are safe, flame-retardant, fireproof and pollution-free, and can be installed directly in the load center.

3. Maintenance free, convenient installation and low comprehensive operation cost.

4. High reliability and high mechanical strength.

5. Strong earthquake resistance.

6. Moisture and corrosion resistance.

7. It has strong overload capacity and can operate for a long time under 120% load without air cooling.

8. It is suitable for urban substation with dense population and narrow place.

9. Our products all have product certificates,so the quality is worthy of trust.

If you are interested in the dry-type electrical transformer manufactured by us, please feel free to contact us. We can provide you with all kinds of high-quality services.

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