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Transformer Efficiency

  • Efficiency Of TransformerEfficiency Of TransformerDecember 13, 2017The efficiency of the transformer: At the rated power,the ratio of the output power and input power of the transformer is called the efficiency of the transformer,that is η= x100%. The η in the for...view
  • Step Down Transformer EfficiencyStep Down Transformer EfficiencyDecember 13, 2017The transformer winding is the internal circuit of the equipment, which is directly connected with the external power grid, and it is the most important part of the transformer. The winding is often c...view
  • Step Up Transformer EfficiencyStep Up Transformer EfficiencyDecember 13, 2017The step up transformer is a device that transforms low AC voltage, large current and small impedance into high AC voltage, small current and large impedance. When there is alternating current through...view