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Oil-discharge and Nitrogen Injection Fire Extinguishing System for Oil Type Power Transformer

The oil-discharge nitrogen injection fire extinguishing system (device) consists of four subsystems: oil discharge, shut-off, nitrogen injection and control. It is one of the automatic fire-fighting facilities for fire-proof, explosion-proof and fire-fighting of oil-immersed power transformers.

The oil and nitrogen injection fire extinguishing system (device) has manual and automatic fire extinguishing control methods. Among them, the basic principle of the system automatic fire extinguishing is: when the transformer has a fault such as a turn-to-turn, the internal temperature of the transformer will rise abnormally, accompanied by the generation of flammable gas (gas). When the internal temperature and gas concentration reach the alarm threshold, the temperature-sensing fire detector set at the top of the transformer and the heavy gas relay inside the transformer act in succession to send a fire alarm signal to the control system. After the control system receives the internal fire alarm signal of the transformer, the control system automatically starts the shut-off system and the oil discharge system, closes the shut-off valve, cuts off the upper fuel tank to the oil supply pipeline inside the transformer, and automatically opens the accident drain valve for oil discharge and pressure relief. After a delay of 3-20S, the electromagnetic bottle head valve on the nitrogen bottle of the nitrogen injection system is opened, nitrogen is injected from the bottom of the transformer through the nitrogen injection pipe and fills the inside of the transformer, and the residual insulating oil inside the transformer is isolated from the air, thereby achieving the purpose of suffocating and suppressing fire and explosion.

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