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Cleaning Methods of Transformer Oil Immersed Types

The transformer oil immersed type is an important electrical appliance that works with transformer oil. We also need to deal with it continuously in the process of using transformer oil immersed type, so that transformer oil immersed type will be safer and more convenient. For transformer oil immersed types, there is a lot of information that need to be cleaned and processing. What is the common cleaning process for oil immersed transformers? How is it cleaned up?

Ⅰ. Information collection for transformer oil immersed type cleaning

The operation or inspection personnel find that the equipment needs to be cleaned and report to the maintenance personnel. Usually, because the operators and inspection personnel are not professionals, it is difficult to directly judge the specific parts and reasons of defects or cleaning, and can only vaguely describe the phenomenon of defects or cleaning, such as transformer oil immersed type fan stall, on-load voltage regulating switch tune and so on.

The maintenance personnel of transformer oil immersed type enterprises usually cannot directly judge the cause of the cleaning based on the reports of the operators, and must further verify the cleaning information to assist the judgment. This link is very important, because the cleaning reported by the operator is usually only some discrete cleaning phenomena, and there is a lack of connection between them. In order to more accurately determine the reason for cleaning before going to the maintenance site, save on-site maintenance time and improve maintenance efficiency, the maintenance personnel must continue to ask the reporting personnel, supplement the cleaning information, and assist in judging the specific reasons for the cleaning by referring to the maintenance records, test records, etc.

Ⅱ. The cleaning of ransformer oil immersed types

After completing the above two steps, maintenance personnel can implement the corresponding maintenance strategy. Through the analysis of the reasons for the cleaning, the maintenance personnel have grasped the cleaning situation, and then according to the reasons for the cleaning, they can replace the parts or take measures to clean and restore the normal operation of the transformer oil immersed type.

Ⅲ. Fire safety measures for transformer oil immersed types

1. The fire separation distance between transformer oil immersed types with an oil volume of more than 2500kg and oil-filled electrical equipment with an oil volume of 600kg to 2500kg should not be less than 5m.

2. When the fire separation distance between two adjacent transformer oil immersed types does not meet the requirements, a fire partition wall or a fire water curtain shall be installed on the top of the fire partition wall. Fire partition walls or fire water curtains can be set between single-phase transformer oil immersed types.

3. When the distance between the outer wall of the factory building and the outer edge of the outdoor transformer oil immersed type is less than specification, the outer wall should adopt a fire wall. The distance between the wall and the outer edge of the transformer should not be less than 0.8m.

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