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What Should Be paid Attention to When Using 10kV Oil-filled Transformer in China?

10kV oil filled transformer in China

During operation, the heat generated by winding and transformer core is transmitted to step on accelerator first, and then to feed water cooling substance according to oil. The key insulating layer of transformer in oil immersed transformer machine is oil, which is used to connect the middle of secondary power grid and the middle of two regional power grids. In addition, oil transformer is widely used in large and medium-sized mechanical equipment manufacturing industries such as power stations, steel plants, railway lines, etc. Oil is used as water cooling material for oil transformer equipment. It is applicable to the power supply system of petrochemical equipment, electric power engineering, textile, metallurgical industry, mechanical equipment, decorative building materials, coal, coal industry, urban construction, civil aviation, seaport and other manufacturing industries and companies. It is used for power distribution equipment with rated frequency of 50HZ, rated capacity of 30 ~ 1600 kVA, rated voltage of rolling side of 10KV, and rated voltage of bottom side of 0, 4KV.

Performance advantages of oil immersed transformer

1. The low-voltage winding of oil immersed transformer generally adopts the cylindrical structure of copper foil winding, except for the small capacity copper conductor. The high-voltage winding adopts multi-layer cylinder structure, the ampere turn distribution of the winding is balanced, the magnetic flux leakage is small, the mechanical strength is high, and the short-circuit resistance is strong.

2. The iron core and the winding are respectively tightened. The fastening parts such as the height and low voltage wires of the device are provided with self-locking locknuts. The structure is not suspended and can withstand the transportation sloshing.

3. The coil and iron core should be vacuum dried. Oil in China 10kV oil-filled transformer should be vacuum filtered and filled to minimize the moisture inside the transformer.

4. The fuel tank uses corrugated plates, which have a breathing function to compensate for changes in the amount of oil caused by temperature changes. Therefore, the product does not have a fuel conservator, which significantly reduces the height of the transformer.

5. Since the corrugated sheet replaces the oil conservator, the transformer oil is isolated from the outside world, thus effectively preventing the entry of oxygen and moisture and causing a decrease in insulation performance.

6. According to the above five performances, it is guaranteed that the oil-immersed transformer does not need to change oil during normal operation, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the transformer and prolongs the service life of the transformer.

Precautions for oil immersed transformer

1. The fire protection distance between oil immersed transformer equipment with oil content above 2500kg and oil filled electrical equipment with oil content between 600kg and 2500kg shall not be less than 5m.

2. If the fire separation between two adjacent oil immersed transformer equipment does not meet the requirements, the fire curtain shall be installed on the upper part of the fire partition or fire partition. Only fire partition or fire water curtain can be set between single-phase oil immersed transformer equipment.

3. When the distance between the outer wall of the power house and the outer edge of the oil immersed transformer outside the power house is less than that specified in the specification table, the outer wall shall be provided with a firewall. The distance between the wall and the outer edge of the transformer shall not exceed 0 and 8m.

4. When the outer wall of the power house is within 5m from the outer edge of the oil immersed transformer equipment, doors, windows and holes shall not be opened below the horizontal line with the total thickness of the transformer plus 3M and the outer edge of both sides plus 3M respectively. The fire resistance limit of doors and windows outside the firewall shall not be less than 0 and 9h.

5. China's 10kV oil-filled transformer equipment and other oil-filled electrical equipment should have oil storage pits and public oil pools when the single oil quantity exceeds 1000 kg.

6. Oil immersed transformer equipment shall be equipped with fixed water spray and other fire extinguishing systems in accordance with current relevant specifications. The transformer of oil transformer service project shall be set in a separate room. The door of the room shall be a class B fire door opened outwards, which shall immediately lead to the outside of the room or corridor, and shall not be opened to other rooms.

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