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Need Regular Maintenance on Dry-type Transformers?

1. Why do you need to repair dry-type transformers?

There are two main reasons for the aging of dry-type transformers. First, dry-type transformers are used for a long time. The functions and components of dry-type transformers that have been working for a long time are gradually aging. Corrosion of the switch leaf, etc., it is difficult to close to the specified position, which may cause an accident. Second, the normal use of the device will cause aging. For example, temperature has a great influence on the life of dry-type transformers. If the temperature of the insulating material is too high during operation, the life of the dry-type transformer will be shortened.

Due to the increase in the current power load, some dry-type transformers will meet the load at peak times, and even perform overload operation. This is because the temperature of the insulating material rises too quickly, causing it to age. In order to maintain the normal operation of the equipment, it is necessary to regularly repair the dry-type transformer and deal with the problems of various equipment in time. However, the substation has much operating equipment and insufficient equipment maintenance personnel, which leads to the failure of the equipment to run at full load and heavy load during the peak period, and the normal equipment maintenance and repair as planned, which poses potential dangers to the safe operation of pipeline equipment.

If the dry-type transformer is not maintained for a long time, improper operation will cause equipment loss. These two aspects are the root cause of the degradation of dry-type transformer equipment. Therefore, when using a dry-type transformer, consider the use time, operability, and the number of inspections. Pay attention to dry-type transformer maintenance in order to prolong the life of dry-type transformers.

2. Regular maintenance of dry-type transformers.

Periodic inspection is currently our general method for most equipment failure inspections. Through regular inspections, faults in equipment operation can be found in time, and corresponding maintenance strategies shall be adopted. In addition, regular maintenance of dry-type transformers can ensure that the parts in the transformer operate in the best condition without various failures. Therefore, dry-type transformers must strictly follow their maintenance strategy during use. When the dry-type transformer was repaired, it was found that the connecting pipe of the transformer rotation angle was burnt out. Ask the inspector to carefully check the burnt area and cut off the carbon on the surface of the coil. When the color of the coil is the color of the insulating paint, the fault indicates a short-circuit fault in the external circuit of the transformer. When the iron core of the dry-type transformer fails, please confirm whether there is foreign matter or moisture during use. The surface of the iron core can be wiped with a dry cloth, or the iron core can be baked under an incandescent lamp.

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